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Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Indutstry co. China

Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd persists on the business strategy ‘Everything follows owners’ requirements and the owners’ benefit is the most important thing’ that strive for being the first level shiprepair enterprise in Asia.
Shanhaiguan Shipbuilding Industry Co., Ltd wishes to make big progress with owners and all the friends hand in hand to create more beautiful and more splendent future!
President : Wang Chang

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Technical partners with Exmatsur, Nigeria and Ghana

Exmatsur is a versatile Engineering/Oil Field Support service provider.  They use modern/inovative techniques according to international standards, They offer steel structure fabrication,  pressure testing, calibration of measurement devices, plant machinery refurbishment,commercial vehicle refurbishment, industrial painting, rental/sales of oil field, marine, construction/mechanical tools and equipments. Civil construction. They cater to the offshore industry in West Africa and work closely with government refinery and LNG projects.

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Agents for EcoCalibre

EcoCalibre is a biological cleaning product

Provides superior cleaning on all water tolerant surfaces especially:
- Domestic Applications – Non-slip and heavily soiled floors, stainless steel process machinery, food preparation equipment, kitchens, and bathrooms, glass, Perspex, laminate flooring.
- Commercial Applications – Eco Calibre is designed to clean, long haul rigs, oil rigs, carwash facilities, dairy trucks, new car dealers, Roughneck, equipment, bulkheads, containers, engine, floors, forecourts, Oil rigs etc. Eco Calibre also can be used in steam cleaning machines.

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